The gentleman are back in town

There is definitely a very strong emphasis on British brands and British dressing at the moment.  The world of menswear in particular is looking very dapper indeed and I for one LOVE it.  Unfortunately for me my ideal man/crush takes the form of the dead and the buried……Beau Brummell and the man of my starry white swan glam rock dreams; Marc Bolan.  Why do boys not dress like that these days…..(sigh) oh hang on a minute perhaps some of them almost do….

Menswear day at London Fashion Week is growing with gusto and my favourite moment of the week was the E.Tautz show at the Royal Opera House.  The collection, the brand’s background and the setting of the show (complete with a live piano and the designer Patrick Grant announcing the start and explaining his ideas in true intimate salon style fashion) is all steeped in wonderful English history.  The goody bags each held a pouch of Pidurutalagala Single Estate Orange Pekoe loose tea from The East India Company.  This tea is so majestic that it can only be picked on three days of the year when the sun is at a certain point and the wind is blowing in a certain way…..etc etc.  Patrick Grant explained that the colour the tea goes when infused matches the golden palette from his collection.  Now I don’t mind a bit of pomp and circumstance and a bit of a sucker for a romantic (arguably slightly tenuous) artsy analogy so I loved this!

This was my favourite look from the show –

Links of London fittingly sponsored the show and showcased their stylish men’s timepieces proving an ideal partnership between two brands with luxury British values.  Read more on their blog –


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