Liberty Rocks AW 11 Fabric Collection – Dress me up and play it loud!

Liberty have collaborated with a host of musicians and artists on their A/W 11 fabric collection, once again affirming the inspirational love affair between fashion and music.  Taking inspiration from various decades of rock n roll, iconic album covers and song lyrics, this season also sees Liberty introduce it’s first digital prints.

BB King inspired fabric – the vibrancy and boldness he injected into rock n roll is refelected by rich opulent shades.

Roxy Music inspired fabric – using hues from the cover of the 1975 best selling album ‘Siren’.

Foreigner inspired fabric – referencing the band members in their different colour macs on the cover of ‘Feels like the First Time’.

The colour palette is inspired by vintage album sleeves and there are collaborative prints by a range of creative folk such as Graham Coxon, Florence Welch and Storm Thorgerson; the man who gave us Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon ‘Prism’ cover.

Thorgerson B by Storm Thorgerson, Liberty Art Fabrics

Image from Liberty website

A Boy Dreams A Tana Lawn by Graham Coxon, Liberty Art Fabrics

Image from Liberty website

Dancing Ladies D, chosen by Florence Welch, Liberty art Fabrics

Image from Liberty website

Liberty, with it’s inherent sense of British nostalgia has chosen a project which resonates within the fashion industry due to the great sources it draws upon nodding back to a selection of different decades of style and design through music. Their references stretch from “flower power anthems of the 1970s to 1950s rock and blues, 1990s acid house and the Brit-pop movement”(taken from Liberty website).

A particularly interesting story lies behind the ‘Ornithology’ print by Edwyn Collins whose illustrations come from a six month rehabilitation period from a severe cerebral haemorrhage suffered in 2005.  As part of his rehabilitation Edwyn drew a bird every day and the dates and names of the bird appear in the print with Liberty describing it as ‘a sketchbook on fabric’.

Image from Liberty website

For more information visit the Liberty website.


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