‘Good’ SEX

The Daily Good is an inspired initiative by socially conscious website/magazine ‘Good‘ that delivers ‘one good thing’ to your inbox every day.  Interesting, often slightly off the wall bits of ‘do-good’ news that will always put a smile on your face or arouse your curiosity.  Today’s email included a 1971 plaid volkswagen bus and vegan condoms.

American company Sir Richard’s (purveyors of afore-mentioned vegan condoms) adopt the same buy one – give one principle as Tom’s shoes.  For every condom they sell, one is donated to the developing world including community organisations like Partners in Health in Haiti.  

The company believe that “safe sex is a basic human right” and draw attention to the fact that only a fraction of the global demand for condoms is met each year.

Driving their fun bus down the US West Coast this fall in an envoy programme, Sir Richard’s will encourage campus-loads of students to ‘be good’ when they are ‘being bad ;)’

Image from Sir Richard’s.  Learn more about them on their site – http://sirrichards.com/

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