Jagged, black, geometric shapes protrude from the shoulders of the new Absolut Vodka bottle.  Fetishistic, fierce and distinctly Gareth Pugh. 

Taking inspiration from his now iconic ‘sheath’ coat from his AW 2007 collection, the bottle design is unmistakeably true to the Pugh aesthetic and never has the phrase ‘putting your stamp on..’ rung so true.  Pugh told the Metro that there was no brief but he thought about what represented an “absolute” Gareth Pugh.

Pugh’s bottle is available exclusively at W London from 7th September.  Collectors must approach the W London Insider at W London – Leicester Square and repeat the phrase ‘Reflections of Fashion’. 

Read more: http://www.metro.co.uk/lifestyle/874029-absolut-mode-edition-brings-style-to-rework-the-infamous-vodka-bottle#ixzz1X5yNJE6x


2 responses to “ABSOLUT MODE EDITION with Gareth Pugh

  1. Any idea where to purchase this special Mode edition? Thanks!

  2. Hey, so sorry for never replying to you, havent been on here for a while but will be posting more frequently now. I think the special Mode edition was exclusive to London’s W hotel so I would try there and see if there are any left.


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